FC Porto: signing of David Carmo yields 100 thousand euros to Benfica

Benfica will receive 100 thousand euros for the transfer of David Carmo to FC Porto. The Porto SAD, remember, will pay 20 million immediately for the hiring from the 22-year-old center to the Sp. Braga.

Now under FIFA’s solidarity mechanism, SAD incarnate is entitled to receive 100 thousand of these 20 million. The math is easy to do: David Carmo played in Seixal’s youth team for two seasons, precisely in the seasons when he was 12 and 13 years old, so he receives 0.25 percent of the transfer for each of those seasons.

That is, in total it is 0.5 percent, which means exactly 100 thousand euros.

In addition to Benfica, Anadia will also receive money: 50 thousand euros corresponding to 0.25 percent of the transfer, for having had the player when he turned 14.

Theoretically, Sanjoanense is also entitled to 50 thousand euros, but in this case it is necessary to remember that Sp. Braga bought yesterday, Monday, the 10 percent that Sanjoanense still held from David Carmo’s pass, for 950 thousand euros, as Maisfutebol wroteand in these contracts, the buying club generally safeguards that the selling club waives the solidarity mechanism.

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