“FC Nantes Faces Ligue 1 Consequence as Tribune Loire Closes for Final Match”

Whatever happens, the FC Nantes will not obtain its continuation in Ligue 1 before the 38th and last day of the championship. The Canaries will then receive Angers, the red lantern at Beaujoire (Stade Louis-Fonteneau). Only the enclosure should display some 6,500 empty places on June 3, following the closure of the Tribune Loire, decreed by the Disciplinary Commission of the LFP, after the use of smoke bombs during the reception of Strasbourg and revocation of a previous reprieve .

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The club is trying to negotiate a postponement of the sanction, to benefit from all the support possible during the most important match of the season, but if this approach does not succeed, subscribers to the Tribune Loire will not be able to go to the Stadium, unless you buy another seat. Their replacement in another part of the enclosure is contrary to the directives of the LFP. A pro-rata refund would then be put in place.

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2023-05-22 19:29:14
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