FC Bayern Munich against Mainz: customer Malong delivers Eklat coach pissed

Can’t keep up: Pierre Kunde Malong (left) against FC Bayern.

© dpa / Torsten Silz

FC Bayern literally dismantled Mainz 05 in the first half. This ensures plenty of fuss between FSV coach Achim Beierlorzer and his player Pierre Kunde Malong – in front of an audience of millions.

  • The FSV Mainz 05 has against FC Bayern no chance in the first half.
  • Trainer Achim Beierlorzer changes the weak Pierre customer Malong even before the break.
  • The Mainz player then refuses the handshake – and receives a ruffle.

Munich / Mainz – Giant excitement during the game of the FC Bayern in Mainz, In the 3: 1 (3: 1) of Munich, a Mainz player * behaved wrongly: Pierre customer Malong,

Mainz 05 against FC Bayern: Beierlorzer changes customers early

That was what happened: When the score was 3-0 for the Bavaria changed FSV coach Achim Beierlorzer the midfielder out after 32 minutes. Then the scandal: As customer went out, his coach held out his hand to him – but the 24-year-old refused to shake the hand and walked madly to the bank. Millions of TV viewers saw the moment.

“It is definitely not a good thing to let the coach look like this. Respect is not a one-way street. His reaction was a ‘no go’ – that was very effective, ”said Beierlorzer afterwards upset at Sky.

After Bayern game: Beierlorzer criticizes customer sharply

Sports director Rouven Schröder also reprimanded the player. customer is “on the wrong track, he has to apologize,” said the Mainz boss Sky,

Beierlorzer criticized the “wrongdoing. It has to do with respect. He didn’t play well and played a bad pass before 0-2. He had moments when he wasn’t in the game. He has to maintain the maintenance and must not leave the trainer standing. “

Immediately after the final whistle there was for customer of Beierlorzer still a good ruffle on the bench, also captured by the TV cameras. The two later stood together on the pitch and the coach talked to the midfielder.

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Pierre Kunde Malong came to Mainz 05 from Atlético Madrid

“The player apologized. That was important to me. I can understand that he has emotions. I will not open a barrel, I am not resentful, ”said Beierlorzer later.

Customers always have reason to be frustrated: The Cameroonian went to the Spanish top club Atlético Madrid in summer 2018 for 7.5 million euros Mainz changed, now he plays with the zero five in the Bundesliga against the descent.

Certainly not his claim. And then also the maximum penalty of all things Bayern Munich

There were even bigger discussions after the top game between RB Leipzig and Borussia Mönchengladbach. Alassane Pléa flew off the pitch and many fans burst the collar.

We looked at the performance of Bayern players in Mainz and rated them with grades *. Who was yours Bayern players of the game * – vote in our poll. After the game they got together Bavaria commented on the game – Hansi Flick also criticized, Thomas Müller * explained a tricky scene.


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