FC Basel Misses European Cup Opportunity after Fiorentina Loss in Conference League Semifinals

At the last second, the Basel team lost the second leg against AC Fiorentina 1:3 and missed the penalty shoot-out for a place in the Conference League final. With that, the European Cup make-up of their otherwise unsuccessful season is gone.

The 129th minute of the game, fateful for FC Basel: Fiorentina player Antonin Barak (right) destroyed Switzerland’s dreams of the final with a 3-1 win.

Ennio Leana / AP

Basel’s luck does not seem to have been exhausted even in the 20th European Cup appearance this season. Fiorentina striker Luka Jovic fails to score alone. More than 120 minutes have been played, the Italians are still leading 2-1 in Basel. They have made up the deficit from the first leg (1:2) and everything is heading towards the penalty shoot-out. It could open the portal for Basel to the first European Cup final in history with Swiss participation.

2023-05-19 05:47:17
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