FC Barcelona makes historic comeback to win Women’s Champions League final against Wolfsburg

It seemed like a sick joke that the FC Barcelona He will leave at halftime in the final of the Champions League female losing 0-2. The culés had done practically everything, but as in football what counts are the goals, the Germans commanded with some clarity despite the fact that Barça arrived in the area time and again. [Así vivimos la victoria del FC Barcelona ante el Wolfsburgo]

However, fate had a great wink in store for Barcelona. The blaugranas got their second Women’s Champions League in an impressive way, with a comeback that will remain in the memory for a long time and with patri pebble as a star protagonist. His two goals in the first five minutes of the first half sank Wolfsburg and gave the Catalans morale.

Throughout the game the Germans made terrible defense water, and for that reason it seemed even more incredible that Barça weren’t winning almost from the start. The goal of the comeback, the Rolf, it came in a surreal way, a true reflection of the nightmare that was the Wolfsburg defense in the game.

A moment from the women’s Champions League final between Barcelona and Wolfsburg.


Barça already has its second Champions League in its pocket. last year the Lyon Olympics It left them wanting to celebrate the title and for that reason the Catalans wanted to make up for it. They did it as they know best, overcoming a very complicated situation and making it clear that they are also the best of Europa.

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Wolfsburg, effective

The game started in the worst possible way for Barça. When there were still people in the stadium and the third minute of the game was over, everything turned to Wolfsburg. A childish mistake when the ball was released by the culés was taken advantage of by Pajor to sign the great goal of the game.

The striker stole on the edge of the area, raised her head and, without thinking twice, unleashed an unstoppable right foot that slipped into Sandra Paños’s goal across the entire squad. A goal at the height of an entire Champions League final that already made Barça go in tow.

The Wolfsburg players celebrate one of their goals.

The Wolfsburg players celebrate one of their goals.


Despite everything, this initial blow did not affect those of Jonathan Giraldezwho overwhelmed their rival in an impressive way. Irene Paredes he incomprehensibly headed a corner out when he was centimeters from the goal line, and the culés arrivals followed one after another. It was a true miracle that the Wolfsburg was winning with such a weak defense, but that miracle became even greater.

Near the break, the second goal for the Germans came. In a perfectly executed counter, Pajor put the center from the left band and found the head of Popp, which doubled the lead. A big difference to come back in the second part.

The resurrection

For this one Barça, however, there are no impossible. The second part started in the dream way and from there everything went smoothly. When barely 3 minutes had been played, patri pebble He appeared opportunistically to finish off a cross from the right wing and reduce the gap.

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Quickly the Catalans took the ball and went for more. They did not want to lose a single second, so shortly after the tie was already a fact. Just three minutes later, Patri Guijarro once again headed in a cross from the right side to once again level the score.

With a stroke of the pen, the advantage of a Wolfsburg that continued to make water had been erased. Everything that had resisted in the first half had been for nothing, and the game already had a clear Barca colour.

Patri Guijarro, with a closed fist.

Patri Guijarro, with a closed fist.


The play of the third goal was a reflection of the horror movie that was the German defense. Two full-backs failed to clear the ball inside the area and, after a series of rebounds, the ball fell to Rolfo for him to push and score the third. That’s where the final ended.

Wolfsburg proved to be an incapable team. He had been lucky enough to take a wide lead on the scoreboard, but when Barça showed some success, he was completely disarmed. The culés already have their second Champions League deservedly and epically.

FC Barcelona 3 – 2 Wolfsburg

Barcelona: cloths; Bronze, Paredes, León, Rolfö; Walsh (Engen, min.89), Bonmatí (Alexia, min.90), Guijarro: Graham Hansen (Crnogorcevic, min.79), Paralluelo (Geyse, min.70) and Caldentey (Pina, min.79).

Wolfsburg: glad’s; Wilms (Hegering, min.84), Hendrich, Janssen, Rauch; Oberdorf, Roord (Lattwein, min.71); Huth, Popp, Jonsdottir; y Pajor (Bremer, min.84).

Goals: 0-1: Pajor, min.3. 0-2: Popp, min.37. 1-2: Patri Guijarro, min.48. 2-2: Patri Guijarro, min.50. 3-2: Rolfö, min.70

Referee: Cheryl Foster (WAL). She showed a yellow card to Hendrich (min.22), Bonmatí (min.33) and Jondosttir (min.77).

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Incidences: Final of the Women’s Champions League played at the Philips Stadion in Eindhoven (Netherlands) in front of 35,000 spectators.

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