FBI will prosecute those arrested for the murder of two transgender women

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) will take custody of suspects arrested for the murder of two transgender women in Humacao.

This was reported this morning by Captain Teddy Morales, director of the Criminal Investigation Corps (CIC) of Humacao.

“We have a memorandum of understanding and everything related to civil rights by prejudice, they can assume jurisdiction,” Morales said in an interview with The new day.

“The (local) prosecutor’s office communicates with the federal prosecutor’s office,” he added. “They saw the evidence last night and corroborated it, and they understood that it qualified for violation of civil rights by prejudice, which in this case is due to their sexual orientation.”

The captain noted that one of the suspects confessed, but that they have evidence against both, 21 and 19 years old.

The two young men were arrested yesterday afternoon for the murder of Serena Angelique Velázquez and Layla Peláez Sánchez, two transgender women who were found burned inside a burned vehicle in the early hours of last Wednesday, on the PR-927 highway in Humacao.

It is clear from the testimony that “They shared with the deceased, considering that they were women. Within this sharing, they detect their sexual orientation and transformation and then they decide to plan the death of both ”.

The bodies of Velázquez Ramos, 32, and Peláez Sánchez, 21, They were found inside a Hyundai Elantra car owned by the mother of one of them under a bridge in the Mambiche Prieto neighborhood of the mentioned municipality.

A day before the arrest, Morales indicated that occupied videos related to the case last week.

Because the scene was a secluded place, The Police had to look for security cameras of businesses in the area to “establish the trajectory” of the people involved since they supposedly left the residence of one of the victims until they reached the solitary spot where the burning vehicle was found.

Although Velázquez’s residence did not have security cameras, investigators do have videos they posted on social media while sharing that night.

From that place they also raised “scientific” evidence, including fingerprints, which was sent to the Forensic Science Bureau.

The official noted that, in addition to the videos, the investigation progressed thanks to the great cooperation of citizens who were interviewed from the day the investigation began.

These victims are two of five trans that have been murdered in the past two months, as part of what the Broad Committee for the Search for Equity (CABE) has denounced as a epidemic of violence against people from the LGBTTIQ + community.

One of his spokespersons, Pedro Julio Serrano was satisfied with the arrest of two suspects, while demanding that the case be classified as a hate crime and asking that they clarify the other seven murders of LGBTTIQ + people that have occurred in the past 15 months. .

“Although it satisfies the arrest of two suspects in the case of the murders of Serena Velázquez and Layla Peláez, the reality is that it is only the beginning,” Serrano said in written statements.

He added that “they need to be processed as hate crimes, since the confession denotes that upon learning of the victims’ gender identity, they planned and carried out the murders. That is a hate crime: murdering someone out of prejudice for some characteristic of the victim, “he added.

“Let us be clear: these arrests do not mean that this epidemic of anti-LGBTTIQ + violence has ended. We will remain vigilant to clarify all cases, that the Police comply with its protocols on hate crimes and the treatment of LGBTTIQ + people, that justice be done and above all, that a hate crime never happens again in our homeland. Puerto Rico we are all and LGBTTIQ + people deserve to live in peace, equity and freedom, “Serrano concluded.


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