FBI account hacker detained by US authorities

This week, US law enforcement authorities arrested the person allegedly responsible for the FBI hack in 2021. According to The Verge, last week FBI agents arrested Connor Brian Fitzpatrick on suspicion of running BreachForums.

According to The Verge report, the administrator of the BreachForums website, which goes by the name “Bomborin”, is responsible for or linked to some of the most notorious hacks in recent memory.

In 2021, Bomburen claimed responsibility for hacking into FBI email servers and sending thousands of fake cybersecurity alerts. The Bomburen name is also linked to the FBI’s InfraGard network breach in 2022, an incident that saw the sale of contact information for the agency’s roughly 80,000 employees.

In an affidavit, an FBI agent alleged that Fitzpatrick identified himself as “Bomborin” and admitted to being the mastermind behind BreachForums.

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