Favorite women of Maxim Galkin: with whom he played novels before Alla Pugacheva

It has been almost 20 years since the talk about unequal marriage of two successful people died down. Galkin never ceases to extol his wife, but did he have love before he met Pugacheva? He never talks about his personal life and prefers to laugh it off by waiting for Alla to choose him.

Who are the girls whom Maxim Galkin sought in his time?

Yulia Busil


Maxim’s father was a military man, and the family often changed their place of residence. He finished school in Moscow. Maxim’s first love happened in the 10th grade. FROM Julia Busil he sat at one desk. Mutual feelings flared up between the young people. They met for a year, but after graduating from school, the romance ended.

They meet now as former classmates.

Anastasia Chernobrovina


Maxim met with Anastasia Chernobrovina at an event where they were leading. Maxim liked the girl very much, and he began to look after her beautifully. Maxim gave expensive gifts, showered with flowers, they visited restaurants and movies. They tried not to advertise their relationship. Nastya has repeatedly admitted that Maxim is not the hero of her novel. In relations with her, he was very modest and indecisive. There was no closeness between them. He was a good friend to the girl, but no more. One day, Pugacheva appeared in Chernobrovina’s dressing room.

After this visit of the star, the relationship ended.

Author: Svetlana Trukhanova

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