Favorite opponents from the Bundesliga: BVB, FC Bayern and Bayer Leverkusen against purveyors of points

Well, somehow I don’t think it’s optimal to take points per game as a benchmark for favorite opponents. Based on this, Fürth were practically every club’s “favorite opponent” last season because the few Bundesliga games they played were extremely unsuccessful. I don’t see the big added value there.

It would also have been conceivable if at least the statistics had been placed according to absolute numbers. It is certainly not without its shortcomings either, because then you are more disadvantaged with a long-term presence in the Bundesliga, but I would have found it somehow more exciting.
Curiosity: if you believe it, tomorrow we will play with our favorite opponent. We haven’t managed to win as often against any other team in the Bundesliga as against Eintracht Frankfurt. 30-18-20 as a balance is pretty impressive.

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