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  • Salawat Ufa also loses the 2nd game at the Spengler Cup. It lost 3: 4 against TPS Turku.
  • The Finns secure victory in the middle third with 3 goals within 5 minutes.
  • The Russians remain largely without a chance.

Salawat Ufa, as the KHL top team went into the tournament as a favorite for the Spengler Cup title, disappointed after the Defeat against Ambri also on Friday afternoon. At the latest after the 4: 1 of TPS Turku by Ilari Filppula (36.), who poked a rebound into the goal, the Russians, who started with a B selection, seemed to have finished the game.

Turku makes the difference in the middle third

TPS Turku was more determined from the start. Although the starting third ended 1-1, the Scandinavians shot more than twice as often in the 1st third as the opponent. The Finns made the decision within 4:17 minutes in the middle third:

  • 31 minutes: Aleksi Anttalainen just pulls off the blue line and catches Ufa goalkeeper Vladimir Sochatski between his legs.
  • 33 minutes: Tony Sund brings the disc backhand from a great distance and actually hits the 3-1.

Thanks to Filppula’s goal, the Finns were even ahead with 3 goals after 40 minutes. Ufa that was under 4 days ago a KHL game in Davos against Ak Bars Kazan had still celebrated ice hockey, remained passive for a long time in the third third and hardly had any opportunities.

Ufa final furioso remains unrewarded

Only shortly before the game ended, the Russians flashed their talent and made the game exciting again with 2 goals. But it was no longer enough to compensate. Thanks to this victory, Turku will play against Ambri for the direct semi-finals on Saturday (live from 3:05 p.m. on SRF two).

Broadcast reference: SRF two, sport live, December 27, 2019, 2:50 p.m.


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