Faulty signaling booth at Cologne Central Station: Rail website traffic is predicted to be limited right until 10 September

Message dated 08.09.2022

By Daniel David Pirker

Compromises in rail targeted traffic in West Germany: The aftermath of a bursting h2o pipe severely influenced the signaling booth at Cologne Central Station. The fix of the harm is envisioned to final until finally Saturday (10 September). These paths are impacted.

The signaling booth at Cologne Central Station is defective. The repair of the destruction is anticipated to previous right up until Saturday (10 September). (Picture: Pixabay)

Area / Cologne. Prepare motorists are quite utilised to it, but any individual who would like to use extended-distance transportation in West Germany from now till in all probability Saturday really should have a prepare B. On Thursday 8 September, at 2:07 pm, Deutsche Bahn documented a sign booth malfunction in Cologne Central Station. This has an affect on lengthy-length site visitors, primarily in the western component of the republic. But regional website traffic is also impacted. In accordance to Cologne overview now (from 14:35) only S-Bahn trains operate – and only to a limited extent. A look at Deutsche Bahn journey info does not bode perfectly for educate commuters on the route among Siegen and Cologne. Delays have been introduced for regional specific trains, which with good luck will be ready to run, or terribly large capacity utilization is anticipated. In addition, it is explained that a replacement service is remaining worked on.

How a educate driver on Twitter writes, a burst water pipe is liable for the problems. The Kölnische Rundschau writes that the supplier Rheinenergie
confirmed severe h2o harm in the Marzellenstrasse / Ursulaplatz place. According to this facts, no link with the faulty signal box is acknowledged. However, a Kölnische Rundschau railway spokesperson documented at the same time that there experienced been water problems in the early morning, immediately after which the water drained into the station and ruined the signal booth.

According to several resources and the official Deutsche Bahn report, the correction is anticipated to past until Saturday (September 10).

The next very long length connections are affected:

ICE – Trains Brussels Midi / Amsterdam – Cologne – Frankfurt (M)

Trains ICE Hamburg / Dortmund – Cologne – Frankfurt (M) – Nuremberg / Munich – Vienna / Mannheim – Stuttgart – Munich / Karlsruhe – Switzerland

ICE, IC – Trains Berlin – Hanover – Hamm (W) – Cologne / Bonn / Hamm (Westf) – Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe – Erfurt – Gera

IC / EC – Trains Hamburg – Munster – Cologne / Mannheim – Stuttgart / Basel SBB

IC – trains Cologne – Dortmund – Hanover – Magdeburg – Leipzig – Dresden

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