Fátima Florez was honest about the separation of assets with her ex: “I am very generous”

Fátima Florez was honest about the separation of assets with her ex: “I am very generous”

Fatima Florez He opened up about the breakup with Norberto Marcos in the middle of the Separation of Property. After twenty years of relationship with the producer, the impersonator decided to put an end to her relationship and now they are in a legal process linked to what they earned while they were together.

«This is a transition. Everyone who separates knows that life goes on and it is always on my side that everything is in peace and harmony,” said Fátima Florez in «Partners of the show». “Everyone is free to say what they want or what they think, but I continue to stand by my position,” he said when asked about the blunt definitions that Marcos provided.

And he remarked: “I always like peace, tranquility and harmony.” On the other hand, the comedian denied that it is a lavish division of assets: “We are talking about really huge figures and they do not correspond to reality. They also talk about a battle.

“For that to happen there have to be two and on my part they will never find conflicts or fights, but rather continue on with life without bothering anyone, as I always did,” added Fátima Florez. In addition, she stated that things are fine with her ex-partner: “There is no need to complain about anything because everything is fine.”

“We have already talked about it as good people and everything is fine,” he assured. To end, the artist He made a blunt comment about his position in the division of goods with the producer: «There is nothing to complain about. What’s more, I am very generous.”

What Norberto said

“We have to talk about many things, we spent many years together. Everything hurt me, how things were done. I keep crying for her. May you have the best of luck, may you continue to succeed. But no one is going to love her like I do,” Fátima Florez’s ex commented when he decided to talk about the intense breakup.

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