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Permanent loss of smell and taste, but also fatigue and headaches, the symptoms of lung covid vary widely, as does the severity of the complaints.

The numbers on the numbers are alarming in any case. According to a British study, 13 percent still had complaints six months after infection. Italian researchers even report that 40 percent still have symptoms after six months. It just depends on how broad or narrow you define the definition of lung covid. Fatigue is the most frequently mentioned symptom, but also the most confusing. After all, it can also be a result of work stress, crowds or social isolation.

“In my opinion, we cannot speak of a consistent post-covid syndrome,” says virologist and OMT member Menno de Jong of the Amsterdam UMC. in NRC. “It may be a collection of different syndromes. In one the symptoms are similar to what we see in chronic inflammation, in the other it looks more like post-traumatic stress disorder.”

“Many doctors see parallels with an autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, but it is not clear whether that explanation covers the whole picture,” says De Jong. remain in the body and thus maintain an inflammatory response, although they are no longer contagious to others. Perhaps in these cases an appropriate treatment can be given, for example with anti-inflammatories. ”

The good news is that the symptoms usually disappear over time.

Bron (nen): NRC


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