“Fatigue and headache, dry cough”… ‘Corona struggle’ delivered by President Macron 佛

[이미지출처 = 에마뉘엘 마크롱 프랑스 대통령 트위터 캡처]

[아시아경제 최은영 기자] French President Emmanuel Macron, who is known to have confirmed the new coronavirus infection (Corona 19), said, “There are symptoms such as fatigue, headache, and dry cough, but it is okay.”

On the 18th (local time), President Macron reported the recent situation after the corona 19 confirmed through a video posted on his official Twitter account. President Macron, who was tested positive the day before, left the Elysées Palace in Paris and went into self-quarantine for a week at La Lantern, the presidential villa near the Palace of Versailles.

President Macron said, “In terms of reassurance, I’m okay,” he said. “There are symptoms such as fatigue, headache, and dry cough, but the symptoms will not get serious.”

“It’s a bit slow because of the virus, but we’re focusing on top priority issues like responding to the epidemic and Brexit (the UK’s withdrawal from the European Union).”

“My infection shows us that the virus can really affect everyone,” he said. “I was very well protected and very careful. Nevertheless, I got the virus. Perhaps there were moments of carelessness and bad luck. “I emphasized.

President Macron said, “We will update the status regularly.”

Earlier, President Macron returned after participating in the summit of 27 member states of the European Union (EU) held in Brussels, Belgium last week, and was diagnosed with Corona 19.

According to foreign media such as Euronews, French government spokesman Gabriel Atal said earlier that President Macron “is showing real symptoms (of Corona 19)” and “I have a cough, fever and feel very tired.”

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First Lady Bridget and French Prime Minister Jean Castex, a close friend, were negative in the Corona 19 test, but are continuing to self-isolate.

EU leaders who have been in close contact with President Macron have also been tested for Corona 19 and entered self-isolation.

Following US President Donald Trump, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, and Brazilian President Zaire Bolsonaro, as the news of President Macron’s confirmation of Corona 19 confirmed, French health authorities are continuing strong policies, such as recommending refraining from meetings with more than six people throughout France. .

Intern reporter Choi Eun-young [email protected]

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