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Father’s Day 2024 in Ukraine — date, meaning and important traditions of the holiday

Father and son are relaxing in nature. Photo: istockphoto.com

Starting from 2019, Father’s Day is officially celebrated in Ukraine. This holiday was introduced in honor of all dads. And today, in the conditions of war in the country, it has acquired special importance, because thousands of dads went to protect the Motherland from the Russian occupier. So, the date is a great opportunity to remind each other of your love and support.

We will tell you on which date we will celebrate Father’s Day in 2024, the history of the holiday and its traditions.

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When is Father’s Day celebrated in Ukraine in 2024 — the date

Father’s Day is officially celebrated in Ukraine on the third Sunday of June. In 2024, it falls on June 16.

It is also worth adding that in our country there is another date dedicated to dads, but it is not official — Ukrainians celebrate National Father’s Day in the third Sunday of Septemberthat is, it will be in 2024 September 15.

How Father’s Day came to be – the history of the holiday

Like most such holidays, Father’s Day comes from the United States. Dads were first honored in Washington state in 1910. And she acted as the initiator Sonora Smart Dodd from the city of Spokane.

It is known from history that the basis of such a desire was her own story of growing up: Sonora’s mother died, leaving six minor children to her husband. The girl’s father took care of the children with all the love and support, so in the future Sonora expressed her gratitude to him and all other caring fathers in America who are involved in raising children in this way.

Later, other states joined the idea of ​​celebrating Father’s Day. And since 1966, this holiday has become official in the USA. By 2012, more than 28 countries of the world honored dads precisely on the third Sunday of June.

In Ukraine, Father’s Day is approved by Presidential Decree №274/2019 from May 18, 2019.

A father is reading a book with his children. Photo: depositphotos.com

How Father’s Day is celebrated in Ukraine — the traditions of the holiday

The purpose of creating Father’s Day is to strengthen the institution of the family as the basis of society and to recognize at the state level the role of the father in raising children.

For Ukraine, this is practically a new holiday, and therefore there are no special traditions formed yet. On this day, Ukrainians greet their parents with warm words over the phone or at a personal meeting.

It is important that on the holiday we should congratulate all men who replace or personify the father figure in our lives. These can be grandfathers, uncles, older brothers or other close people who have taken responsibility and care for us.

On the holiday, many people make small gifts for their fathers and husbands who contributed to a happy childhood. In addition, family meetings or dinners are arranged.

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