Father of Minor Child Identified for Child Labor Violation in Sofia

Father of Minor Child Identified for Child Labor Violation in Sofia

The father of a minor child laying pavers in Sofia has been identified, the Executive Agency “Main Labor Inspectorate” announced. The labor inspectorate is self-referred to a post on Facebook about a minor child laying paving stones on the Tsar Boris III boulevard in the capital, published over the weekend.

Since Monday (August 28), the Agency’s control bodies have carried out repeated surprise inspections to identify the workers directly involved in laying the pavers. During the control, the minor child was not found at the site, which is a mandatory condition for the labor inspectors to take competent measures, explained the Labor Inspection.

Yesterday, during the successive checks carried out by four teams, workers were found at the site, carrying out activities on laying the pavements, including the child’s father. During the inspections, for which the assistance of the law enforcement authorities was requested, it was established that the workers were without personal protective equipment, and three of them were also without concluded employment contracts. The inspection of the employer where the violations were found continues, with comprehensive control being carried out, including to ensure health and safety at work. The measures provided for by law will be taken to remedy the violations. The sanction for a worker without an employment contract is from BGN 1,500 to BGN 15,000 for each individual case. The employer also loses the right to participate in public procurement for a period of three years from the date of entry into force of the criminal decree.

On the occasion of the media’s questions about what measures will be taken against the child and his parents, the General Labor Inspectorate specified that neglecting the fulfillment of parental duties is beyond the material competence of the Agency. The facts and circumstances established during the inspections in this regard have been provided to the child protection authorities for taking measures according to their competence. The Labor Inspectorate explained that in Bulgaria child labor is prohibited until the age of 16 – the age until which, according to the Constitution, education is mandatory. Persons under the age of 18 may be employed only after permission from the Agency. Hiring minors without permission is classified as a crime and is prosecuted under the Penal Code, therefore, when such violations are detected, the Prosecutor’s Office is notified.

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In every inspection, regardless of its topic, it is obligatory to monitor the work of minors. Priority is also given to reports that contain information about the use of child labor. Due to the large volume of companies carrying out construction and installation activities at the site, inspections are ongoing.

At the last inspection of the rearrangement of the yellow pavers by the Metropolitan Municipality on August 22, it became clear that half the section was ready. The Deputy Mayor of Sofia for “Public Works” Angel Jorgov indicated that the municipality hopes to rearrange the paving stones by September 15. He stated that he is mainly concerned with quality and control, so this date is rather recommended .

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