Father Lady Gaga Backs Trump Despite Insulting Daughter | Entertainment

entertainment“>That stopped father Joe Germanotta do not think to support the presidential candidate. He posted on Twitter: ‘Trump 2020’. Not long after, he deleted the message again. “You may have noticed that my political and spiritual views differ,” he later said. Also that message is no longer on his Twitter page.

entertainment“>Trump lashed out at Monday Lady Gaga, Jon Bon Jovi, Beyoncé in Jay-Z after they expressed support for a presidential candidate Joe Biden. “Ah, now has Sleepy Joe the support of Lady Gaga ”, the Republican responded.

entertainment“>(Text continues below the photo.)

entertainment“>“I can tell you so many stories about that woman, really believe me. Jon Bon Jovi is just such a case. Whenever we meet he kisses the ground I walk on and says, “Oh, mister president this, oh, mister president that.” He always tries to get something out of it for himself, just like all those other types. ”

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