Father kills son during the night, crushed in bed: drama caused by marijuana?

A father inadvertently killed his son by rolling over in bed and crushing him during the night: was it the fault of the marijuana taken before bed?

A huge tragedy has shocked and will forever mark the life of Brooklyn Newton, young father of Blackpool (Lancashire, England). The night between 5 and 6 September the man was at home alone with his two children, whom he had put to bed both around 10 pm. With his children now in full sleep, the man went into the living room and he made a joint. Around midnight and a half, Brooklyn, tired from the long day, went to bed in the double bed with the two children.

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The next morning the man wakes up and realizes that the baby is not breathing. The baby also had a clot of blood around the nose. The father runs to the apartment and calls for help, while waiting for their arrival he gives his son a heart massage, hoping to make him breathe again. The paramedics realize there is no time to waste and take it to the Victoria Blackpool Hospital, where, however, he is declared dead.

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Father crushes son in his sleep and kills him: Marijuana’s fault?

Tests on the child’s body revealed that he died of suffocation. The father, during the night, turned and crushed him, preventing him from breathing. The man was being investigated for manslaughter, an act required to carry out the examinations, as evidenced by the fact that the police closed the case as an accident. Traces of cannabis and other drugs were found in the father’s blood, but the quantities were not high. It is no coincidence that no denunciation and no arrests were issued.

Marijuana smoked by man, therefore, was not considered a contributing cause of the accident. The incident occurred because the adult slept in the same bed as the child, a practice that is considered unsafe and that all pediatricians advise against. The father and his wife knew it was a risk, however, they used to sleep with their children often.

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