Father Gaspar Hernández: Influential priest and teacher

Father Gaspar Hernández, a native of Peru, arrived in Santo Domingo probably in 1839 and became an influential teacher of the young revolutionaries gathered in the secret society La Trinitaria, under the leadership of Juan Pablo Duarte.

The priest, who was rector of the church of San Carlos, gave classes for four hours in the morning, in the sacristy of the Regina Angelorum convent, where political ideas were also debated and the situation caused by Haitian domination was discussed.

In this calm atmosphere, Latin, theology and other subjects were also taught.

At the same time, the teacher instructed on universal history, comparing it with the state of the island and alluded to the contrast that the Roman strength and intelligence of Greece presented with the situation experienced in Santo Domingo.

In the same space they talked about the rights of man, the origin of power in societies, forms of government, constitutions, the suffrage of peoples, the legitimate principle of authority and sovereignty.

In her famous Notes, the patriot Rosa Duarte affirms that the philosophy session given by Hernández was more of a revolutionary junta than a study class.

It is considered that the religious rendered great services to the liberating cause. He was openly opposed to Haitian domination and it is known that he preferred that the eastern part of the island be governed by Spain again.

Father Hernández had to go into exile, because he was expelled by order of Charles Rivière-Hérard.


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