Father Dies as YouTube Content, Ria Ricis Blasphemed

Suara.com – Attitude Ric Ricci related to his recently deceased father is in the spotlight. He was blasphemed by netizens for using his father’s death as YouTube content to gain rupiah.

Many regret Ria Ricis’s content on YouTube. Netizens feel sad, because instead of grieving, Ricis actually uploads 5 content a day related to the death of his father.

“Panning traffic and adsense from the death of the biological father is the most insulting content,” wrote Mazzini on the twitter account @mazzini_gsp Monday (7/6/2021).

Mazzini views Ria Ricis’s attitude as very unethical. Because, if there is only one documentary video without advertising, it is still considered reasonable like the YouTube video that was captured by his brother, Oki Setiana Dewi.

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“This is his brother making a video without an advertisement, it contains funeral documentation, then the chronology of his father when he was sick and asked for prayers for everyone. At this rate, we can still say video documentation,” he continued, attaching a video of Oki Setiana Dewi

Mazzini wished that if she were Ria Ricis, she would not want her father’s death to be made into Youtube content. It is better to remember his father by holding a recitation.

“For example, if I were Ricis, my father died instead of telling the team to make content for YouTube, it’s better to invite a busy team to work together instead of working overtime. For example, if I were to be Ricis, I’d be tabok who gave my father’s idea to be published, I swear, ” he wrote.

Several netizens observed that there were at least 5 content on Ria Ricis’s Youtube about the death of the famous Youtuber’s father.

Some of the video titles in question include Papa’s New Home, Seeing Papa’s Room Last Time, Mother’s Birthday Without Papa.

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Netizens who watched Ria Ricis’ content also admitted that they were sad at first. However, because there are advertisements on Youtube, sadly it is gone.

“At first I wanted to be sad, unfortunately when I was watching, a Snack Video ad suddenly appeared. It’s sad that it didn’t happen,” wrote Fany Sihotang’s Youtube account.

“If it’s just making videos, it’s okay, but this is an advertisement, imagine watching a video of a buried person, suddenly a video snack ad appears,” commented the EH account



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