Father Britney Spears tries to get out of lawsuit, according to her lawyer | NOW

Britney Spears’ father continues to try to move a lawsuit against his daughter and according to her lawyer that should now be over. Mathew Rosengart has asked the court to interfere in planning the case after Jamie Spears failed to show up on three separate dates.

In a 21-page document, Rosengart writes, according to Deadline extensively on the moments when Spears eventually refrained from giving testimony. On October 20 and November 10, 2021 and April 6, 2022, Jamie Spears should have appeared in court, but each time he gave a new reason why he couldn’t.

According to TMZ Jamie Spears has now asked to move the lawsuit to Kentwood in the US state of Louisiana, where the Spears family comes from. Rosengart has said he agrees to the move, but wants to make sure Jamie Spears doesn’t ask for the case to be moved again.

“Spears has been unreachable for months and hiding from authorities,” Rosengart said. “Although he has promised to testify, this is by no means apparent from his behavior. And there is also a good reason for this: I can prove that he led a corrupt and questionable trusteeship, for which he now has to answer.”

The lawyer is known for being a spirited one. Although Britney Spears was under her father’s tutelage for over thirteen years, Rosengart managed to put an end to that in a few months. Now Britney Spears is demanding money back from her father through her lawyer, who would have spent the money she earned during the trusteeship.

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