Fatal exchange of fire in Vienna: the police negotiated with the 60-year-old for a long time

The man is said to have first threatened a neighbor with a long gun and then fired numerous shots at police officers. There was a gun ban on him. Crime scene work was still ongoing as of Sunday. Neighbors had streamed the police operation on TikTok – the executive is now urgently warning of this.

Vienna – The day after the deadly police shot in Vienna-Penzing, further details about the large-scale operation became known. Accordingly, the police tried for a long time to bring the man to task. However, the 60-year-old shot dozens of times in the direction of the officers. In a subsequent exchange of fire, he was fatally hit by an officer from the Cobra. The State Criminal Police Office in Styria is investigating the use of weapons. The Austrian was already known to the police and there was a gun ban against him.

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According to the neighbors, there have always been problems and threats in the past. He has already been reported for coercion and dangerous threats, which is why the gun ban had already been imposed on him. The long gun, with which the 60-year-old fired dozens of times at the officers, was secured. The crime scene work and forensics was still in progress on Sunday, further weapons were not secured, at least for the time being, reported police spokesman Daniel Fürst. It was also initially unclear exactly how many shots were fired, both by the 60-year-old and by the police. Numerous bullet holes were found in the walls. The Vienna Public Prosecutor’s Office is leading the investigation into the fatal use of firearms, and Styrian police officers are conducting the investigation.

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WEGA and Cobra approached

The emergency services were called to Kienmayergasse around 1:30 p.m. on Saturday. The man is said to have banged on a neighbor’s door, screaming with the gun. This did not open and instead dialed the emergency call, but the 60-year-old went back to his apartment.

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At the driveway, the police officers checked possible police reservations of the man. It came out that the man is known to the police and that there is a ban on weapons. Therefore, the first police officers from the district secured the danger area and alerted WEGA. The 60-year-old remained uncooperative, barricaded himself in the apartment and threatened to shoot anyone who came in. When the WEGA officers tried to get into the apartment, he shot several times from the apartment in the direction of the police officers. The Cobra was then alerted. According to Fürst, the negotiating group of the State Criminal Police Office was also at the scene, trying to calm the man down and get him to give up.

Neighbors were ‘terrified’

Neighbors were also instructed to stay indoors and hide as far away from the front door as possible. “They were terrified,” reported the police spokesman. The 60-year-old ignored all the police officers’ requests to leave the apartment voluntarily.

Ultimately, access was granted by Cobra officers. They positioned themselves directly in front of the apartment behind a ballistic shield and blew up the barricaded apartment door. The 60-year-old then shot dozens of times in the direction of the police officers and the protective shield. A shootout ensued, with the Austrian being shot by an EKO Cobra officer, police said.

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Neighbors streamed the mission on TikTok

The police officers secured the firearm that the 60-year-old was still holding and began immediately with first aid measures. The emergency services of the Viennese professional rescue service took over the further care, the man died on the spot. There were no other people in the apartment. The officers involved in the operation received psychological support from peer support from the Ministry of the Interior.

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The police had cordoned off a large area of ​​the residential building on Kienmayergasse. Neighbors streamed the operation via the social media platform TikTok. Before that, the police strongly advise against it. On the one hand, it is a tactical disaster if, for example, perpetrators can also follow the actions of the police. In addition, the end consumer can also be a small child, for example, who may then follow homicides live, warned the press office of the Vienna police. (WHAT)

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