Faster from Frankfurt to Darmstadt

R.hein-Main ⋅ With up to 200,000 vehicles on the A 3 and A 67 every day, the Mönchhof triangle is one of the busiest sections of the Hessian motorway. And at least for the foreseeable future, traffic planners don’t expect there will be fewer cars or even trucks at this point in the booming Rhine-Main area, in close proximity to Frankfurt Airport. In this way, the new two-lane connecting ramp, intended to channel the flow of traffic from the A3 from Frankfurt to the A67 to Darmstadt, is more than just a reinforced concrete bridge structure. Rather, the modified access road in combination with significantly longer thread lanes should ensure that in the future there will be “significantly less backlog” in the Mönchhof triangle. This is what Alexander Pilz of Autobahn West GmbH said Wednesday during a final inspection of the section before the opening of traffic scheduled for Thursday.

In order for this to be done neatly and neatly, the broom wagons were sent again to thoroughly clean the fresh road surface. After nearly three years, construction work is now complete, Pilz said. However, demolishing the old, much longer connecting ramp will probably take the whole year ahead. Since the original construction partially distributed traffic over three levels, meaning Highway 3 had both an underpass and an overpass, the bridge that is no longer needed cannot simply be swept away. Instead, once the work platform and a demolition tank are installed, the ramp, which was ultimately held together with steel beams, must be removed and disassembled, as it were by hand.

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