Fast & Furious Crossroads is out and our colleague still doesn’t understand what it is

The popular franchise Fast & Furious lands on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC today with the game Fast & Furious Crossroads, which was due for release in May, but was postponed.

In January, I told you about my confusion regarding Fast & Furious Crossroads, a game that was unveiled at the Game Awards in 2019. I wondered exactly who this adventure was made for, and why the trailers were so clunky. There the game is available. I will finally be able to get my hands on the gaming equivalent of the movie “The Room”.

Being a big fan of the franchise Fast & Furious, I thought maybe the game was targeting me. But, seeing the launch trailer, I come back to the same argument as before: it looks like a racing game for people who don’t like racing games, and an action game for people who don’t. don’t like action games.

Crossroads wants to be hybrid, like his films (especially the first ones). It’s a marriage of tank racing and Hollywood action. Obviously, this formula works well for the big screen. But in gaming, other franchises already master this recipe a little too well, including Grand Theft Auto.

The story of the game is also rather vague. What’s happening in the trailers? And why is there a rocket?

YouTube screenshot

A game doesn’t have to be AAA to be great. It doesn’t need to have perfectly realistic graphics, either. There are plenty of great indie games with simpler graphics. Crossroads however, is a bit stuck in between: it has AAA ambitions, but clearly lacks resources. It gives an awkward result, with animations and designs that are somewhat reminiscent of the PS2.

maybe Crossroads should have focused on racing, as the graphics of the cars seem to be successful. But, it’s okay to want some Vin Diesel, too!

Is it a good game? If we read the few reviews on Steam, it does not bode well. The PC version does not accept keyboard controls, the quality of the game disturbs, poor optimization, empty lobbies in multi … it does not go. But, it will be necessary to play there to be clear about it.

At $ 80 though, it’s expensive to pay, even to play with Vin Diesel.

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