Fashion police from the Emmy Awards: On the virtual red carpet, these were gems – Ž

Maybe it will look like this in the future forever. This will save a lot of money and similar festivities will gain a democratic order, where everyone will be able to watch them under the same conditions. But I firmly hope that after the end of the entire coronavirus crisis, the Hollywood stars will return to where we are used to seeing them. So on the real red carpet.

This year, the 72nd edition of the Emmy Awards was presented in a very unconventional way: in addition to the actors, directors and other nominees not present in the hall, the presenters wore designer protective suits and evening presenter Jimmy Kimmel renamed the “Pandemmys”.

How can the approach of celebrities inspire us in given difficult circumstances? If you happen to be quarantined again like in the spring, don’t miss your work outfit, which colleagues will see on Skype or Zoom. When you care about yourself under any conditions, you show yourself and others that you maintain a certain standard of living that will prevent you from becoming a tracksuit on the couch.

See the celebrity outfits from this year’s Emmy 2020 awards ceremony in our gallery.


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