Faroe Islands Tighten Restrictions on Russian Fishing Vessels and Ban Entry of Military-Equipped Ships

The government of the Faroe Islands has stated that only Russian fishing vessels operating in accordance with a previously signed bilateral agreement and unloading their catch in Faroese territorial waters will henceforth have the right to call at the ports of the islands. At the same time, they will not have access to repair facilities.

At the same time, all Russian vessels that fish outside the Faroe Islands and previously delivered it to the ports of the islands will be banned from entering the ports of the Faroe Islands. Norway took similar steps last October, tightening security measures following the sabotage of the Nord Stream gas pipeline in the Baltic Sea.

The Faroe Islands, located about 320 km north of Scotland, are a sovereign territory within the Kingdom of Denmark.

Russian trawlers could deliver military equipment to the Faroe Islands

Earlier it became known that the Faroe Islands could let Russian fishing vessels with military equipment on board into their ports. Two Russian fishing vessels, Lira and Esther, have docked more than 200 times in Faroese ports between 2015 and 2022, far more than in any other country.

Due to EU sanctions, Russian ships cannot enter ports, but the Faroe Islands have been hesitant to cut off years of trade relations with the Russians. They allowed the largest fishing vessels from the Russian Federation to enter their ports.

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2023-06-02 01:49:50

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