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Farmers from Poland on the border with Belarus began to pour pig manure: what is going on. Video

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Farmers from Poland began pouring pig manure on the border with Belarus: what is going on. Video

In Poland, farmers have joined the combat in opposition to unlawful migrants from Belarus. To do that, they pour a pig machine on the borders of the state.

Farmers hope that such measures will assist cease unlawful immigrants. The portal experiences this Agricultural Costs.

The consultant of the Nice Nationwide Farmers’ Protest, Damian Muravec, mentioned that Polish farmers are beginning to water the border space on the border between Poland and Belarus with pig manure. On this means, farmers need to present that they present solidarity with the safety forces.

On the similar time, a member of the Younger Farmers’ Motion, Hubert Oidana, mentioned that farmers are constructing a fence of manure at a distance from the fence separating Belarus from Poland. He additionally confirmed that farmers are doing this legally, after receiving permission from the authorities. The farmer famous that it’s troublesome legally to guard Poland from unlawful immigrants, as a result of the military can not use weapons to guard in opposition to migrants.

“Every part will likely be in accordance with the legislation. We hope that if we pour pig manure, unlawful immigrants won’t cross this line in the event that they comply with their spiritual beliefs,” mentioned the farmers.

Poland famous that almost all of individuals attempting to interrupt by way of the fence on the border between Poland and Belarus are Muslims. Followers of Islam think about pigs to be unclean animals and keep away from something associated to them.

Allow us to keep in mind that in Poland they plan to create a “buffer zone” on the border with Belarus after an incident during which an unlawful migrant killed a Polish border guard. On this means, the nation needs to ensure safety on the border and forestall unlawful immigrants from getting into the nation.

It was reported earlier that the border between Poland and Belarus was being monitored Representatives of the Polish army police will be a part of. They are going to quickly reinforce the troopers who’re at the moment defending the border.

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