“Farm celebrity” profile Ingrid Vik Lysne reveals details about the wedding

This autumn, the recycling couple Ingrid Vik Lysne (31) and Andreas Feet (33) were able to share the pleasant news that they had become engaged.

The couple met during the recording of “The Sewing Championship” in 2020, where Lysne was a participant and the latter was a judge. Since then, love has blossomed, and the 31-year-old has previously revealed that the wedding will take place in the autumn.

Lysne has mostly kept her cards close to her chest, but to Se og Hør she can now reveal more details about the wedding.

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October wedding

It was at the start of 2021 that the 31-year-old, who is currently seen in the latest season of “Farmen kendis”, revealed that she and Feet were a couple.

– Things have gone quickly, but it is true love, assures the “Farmen celebrity” profile to Se og Hør.

The couple is currently in the middle of wedding planning, and Lysne can confirm that they have landed on an October wedding.

– We haven’t announced a date yet. We are probably a bit slow with the planning, but we are working on it.

If someone should react that they have not received an invitation, the “Farm celebrity” participant can say that the couple has not sent them out yet.

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– We have to get our ass in gear, she laughs.

However, one thing is certain:

– There will be a lot of focus on reuse.

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Cry a lot

Lysne admits that it was tough being away from her fiancé during the “Farmen kendis” recording.

– I’m glad we had such hard tasks, so I could rather focus on that.

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For the 31-year-old, it was extra difficult when they recorded the two matches. There was a lot of waiting then.

– I always started crying. There was so much waiting, and then I started thinking about Andreas. All the pictures where we go towards the duel, I cry, she told Se og Hør.

She says that her fiancé also had a hard time while she was away.

– He was very cool when I was leaving, but when I came back he told me that it had been pretty damn good.

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