Farid Okbah Once Met Jokowi at the Palace, BIN Stamped Cheated

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Chairman of the Indonesian People’s Da’wah Party (PDRI) Farid Okbah he is said to have participated in a number of official activities involving the government throughout his career as a lecturer, including meeting President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) at the Palace.

This was conveyed by Farid’s lawyer, Ismar Syafruddin, who objected to the determination of his client as a suspect in a case of alleged criminal acts of terrorism.

“I can clearly see (Farid) being suspected of committing a terrorist, it’s shocking, scary, doing it, try it, the article is really scary. But he was accepted by the President [red: Jokowi]”Ismar told reporters at the National Police Headquarters, Jakarta, Thursday (18/11).

He said that in the meeting, Farid gave a number of inputs to the number one person in Indonesia.

Jokowi also, he said, appreciated the input and message conveyed by the speaker. It was this background that then made his party surprised by the entanglement of the terror case in Densus 88.

“There were 5 things he said there. And at that time he really appreciated that,” he explained.

Farid is also said to have attended the National Police Intelligence and Security Agency (Baintelkam) activities as a speaker.


So, Ismar doesn’t believe that someone with a background like Farid’s joins a terrorist network. If proven, Ismar actually considers that the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) conceded.

“If this is proven, he is one of the terrorist actors, where are the faces of the BIN friends? It means that they were deceived, letting a terrorist enter the palace. This is very dangerous, this is very contradictory,” he said again.

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The moment of the meeting with Jokowi was published by Farid through the official Instagram account @faridokbah_official on June 29, 2020. In the upload, Farid said that the meeting was held to discuss the Draft Law on the Path of Pancasila Ideology (RUU HIP).

The team of lawyers and the families of the suspected terrorists arrested by the Anti-terror Detachment 88 of the National Police today visited the Police Headquarters building.

They are trying to find out the whereabouts of the relatives because their whereabouts have not been known since Detachment 88 was arrested.

The three people arrested by Densus 88 are Farid Okbah, Ahmad Zain An-Najah and Anung Al Hamad. All three are suspected of having affiliation with Jamaah Islamiyah (JI).

The National Police claimed that the law enforcement efforts carried out this time were not a form of criminalization, but were based on sufficient preliminary evidence.


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