Farid Okbah and Parmusi Meet Jokowi at the Palace in 2020

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Terrorist suspect Farid Ahmad Okbah together with the ranks of the Indonesian Muslim Brotherhood (Parmusi) it was acknowledged that they had met President Joko Widodo at the State Palace on June 29, 2020.

This can be seen from the photo posting on Farid Okbah’s Instagram social media @faridokbah_official which was uploaded on June 29, 2020.

Jokowi, Farid and five administrators took a picture together inside the State Palace. Jokowi wore a long-sleeved white shirt. Meanwhile, all Parmusi officials wore green coats.

In a photo caption, Farid wrote to meet Jokowi to repeal the Pancasila Ideological Direction Bill (HIP Bill).

“Meet the President. Alhamdulillah, just before Ashar today, we met with Mr. President Jokowi. Then we asked him to immediately repeal the HIP Bill,” wrote Farid in his Instagram.


Farid also wrote that his party asked Jokowi to build Sharia markets. He also claims to advise Jokowi five things. Namely, uphold prayer and truth, uphold justice, choose the right people, eradicate corruption and equalize the economy so that inequality does not occur.

“May these advices be carried out Wallahul in black,” he wrote.

Chairman of PP Parmusi Osama Hisham confirmed the meeting. According to him, Ustaz Farid Okbah (UFO) is a very cooperative figure in carrying out da’wah strategies, including against the government.

“So that on June 29, 2020 when the President of the Republic of Indonesia Ir. Joko Widodo received the request for an Audience of the PARMUSI Central Management at the State Palace, I fully recommended UFO as one of the six PARMUSI Central Executives received by the President,” he said in a written statement.

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“At that time, in the presence of the President, I directly invited UFO to convey important points of the national PARMUSI policy to the President with the dimension of Da’wah,” he explained.

Confirmed separately, Minister of State Secretary Pratikno and Cabinet Secretary Pramono Anung have not yet responded to the news of the meeting.

Meanwhile, President Moeldoko’s Chief of Staff replied, “I’m sorry I happened to not attend the meeting, sir.”

The Special Detachment (Densus) 88 Anti-terror Police previously arrested Farid Okbah at his home in the Bekasi area, West Java on Tuesday (16/11) morning.

The Head of the General Information Section (Kabagpenum) of the National Police Kombes Ahmad Ramadhan explained that Farid had a number of backgrounds in the JI terrorist network. From the results of the Detachment’s investigation, he was part of the elder team or Shura Council in the terrorist organization. Farid and two others were named as suspects.

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