Farid Azarkan is the leader of Denk’s party leader

Farid Azarkan will be the leader of Denk in the upcoming parliamentary elections. His appointment has yet to be confirmed by the general meeting at the end of this month, but that seems like a formality: Azarkan is the only candidate and the board nominates him.

Azarkan has been in the House of Representatives since the 2017 elections and since March of this year he has been group chairman. In the spring there were all kinds of quarrels within Denk. The three members of the parliamentary group settled their conflict in May.

Party chairman Çelik calls Azarkan a fantastic captain of Denk: “He is a keen debater, a champion of equal opportunities and an experienced politician who convincingly propagates the values ​​of Denk.”

Azarkan himself says he is highly motivated to work with the other members to build “the new phase of our movement”. He wants to prevent “the corona crisis from leading to even more inequality, discrimination and poverty”. He also announces that he will fight “far-right polarization”.

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