Fares Karam talks about his music, collaborations, and upcoming works

When we talk about the Lebanese singer Fares Karam, we talk about his successes and his songs that accompany every evening.

“Al-Fan” website conducted an interview with Fares Karam recently, in which we first talked about the exchange between him and the Lebanese singer Carole Samaha, his message to the artist Najwa Karam, in addition to their lack of meeting with a lyrical duet until now, and also our talk about the re-dissemination of the song “Al-Hada” on the means of communication. He presented his opinion on the album of the Lebanese artist Assi El-Hillani, his upcoming works, and whether he had a problem with the title of his song being similar or the same as the title of another artist’s song.

It is noteworthy that the interview was filmed before the singer Najwa Karam released her album Karisma.

Details of the meeting in the attached video:

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