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The distribute of information relating to tens of 1000’s of HIV instances in Bandung stunned the public. The purpose is that the group stigma towards HIV ailment is even now pretty serious and can make survivors really feel ostracized.

As a result, HIV circumstances are deemed an iceberg phenomenon. This means that only a couple surface on the surface area, but conditions that are not obvious or even undetected are still significantly underneath.


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Why did it materialize?

According to Woman Furthermore president Yusriani Ratna Irani, this phenomenon is thanks to the truth that there are still lots of folks who do not recognize HIV. For example, the route of transmission, a person of which is induced by employing the similar syringe.

“There are however many people today who might not have been uncovered to (HIV) data. Now needle buyers are setting up to surface again, that the numbers have essentially commenced to flatten out, but now they are displaying up all over again,” he mentioned. stated Yusriani when achieved by AFP on Female Moreover, Bandung, Friday (2/8/2022).

“They could not get details that employing the identical syringe with other folks can transmit bacterial infections. Not numerous also know the great importance of utilizing sterile syringes,” he continued.

For information and facts, Feminine In addition is a non-governmental business (NGO) whose purpose is to aid people today residing with HIV-AIDS. This NGO was fashioned and operate by critical HIV populations, these types of as gentlemen who have intercourse with men (MSM), injecting drug people (IDU), intercourse worker women of all ages (WPS) and waria.

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