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Game News Far Cry 6: “Anton Castillo has complex motivations and he has a son to raise”

The “one more thing” of the Ubisoft Forward is therefore a sixth episode of Far Cry. Developed by Ubisoft Toronto, this new component takes the plane from the United States, but does not go very far, since we will put our luggage in Yara, a fictional Caribbean island, largely inspired by Cuba. On the spot it will be to bring down “El Presidente”, embodied by actor Giancarlo “Gus Fring” Esposito. We tell you a little more with Navid Khavari, narrative director.

By adding the multiple spin-offs, Far Cry 6 is therefore the 12th game of a license born in 2004, which took off again in 2012 with the release of Far Cry 3. Since then, the formula has changed little, but has always strived to offer us the most exotic possible geographical setting. After the Pacific Island, the Himalayan mountains or deep America, direction the Caribbean on the island of Yara, fallen under the yoke of a dictator ready to do anything to “rebuild paradise”, even if it means placing a part of the population in slavery. Developed by Ubisoft Toronto, Far Cry 6 is, in the words of the studio “the most ambitious open world for franchising to date”. In development for 4 years, this new episode promises to make us visit beaches, the jungle and several cities, including the capital Esperanza, which should largely resemble Havana. Navid Khavari, narrative director of the project, readily acknowledges this: Ubi Toronto drew its inspiration from Cuba for Far Cry 6. The team spent a month there, chatting with locals, former guerrillas, artists and local writers, with the aim of “capture the essence of the island and transcribe all its beauty”. Navid Khavari also explains to us that he wants to bring a real contrast between the paradisiacal landscapes and the horror linked to the situation of the inhabitants of Yara.

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Far Cry 6 :

And to embody the figure of the “bad guy”, essential in a Far Cry, Ubisoft had the excellent idea of ​​calling upon the actor Giancarlo Esposito, which you must know if you have watched the Breaking Bad series or, more recently, The Mandalorian. The steel-eyed actor here embodies Anton Castillo, a dictator, but also a father, who wishes to transmit his power to his son Diego. In the trailer revealed during the Ubi Forward, we discover a little more about a relationship that promises to be anything but simple. Navid Khavari also explains to us that he wants to give more nuances to this new antagonist: “Anton Castillo has complex motivations and we try to make sure that players can have empathy for him. He wants to achieve his ends by all means, but he also has a son to raise”. For the studio, Giancarlo Esposito’s choice was immediately obvious: from the first sketches of the project, the creative team had the actor in mind. She ended up contacting him and meeting him in New York. Immediately very involved, he worked the character in his own way.

In terms of gameplay, Far Cry 6 is still very mysterious. Ubisoft plans to show us more “in a few months” and we have to be content for the moment with some meager information. We embody Dani Rojas, a native of the island, who should pose as “leader of the revolution”, leading a merciless guerrilla warfare against the men of Castillo. A faction system is set up, which are all groups of guerrillas with their own objectives. Ubi Toronto promises secondary characters with diverse motivations and with their own personalities, without knowing much more for the moment. Ah, and if you are the friend of animals, know that you can count on the presence of a dog to support you in the fights.

Far Cry 6 is expected on February 18, 2021 on PC (Epic Games Store and Uplay), PS4, Xbox One, PS5, Xbox Series X and Stadia. The title should be compatible with the upgrade system, which will allow you to enjoy the PS5 or Xbox Series X version if you buy the game on PS4 or Xbox One.

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