Fantic: “Euro 5+: it will be difficult to adapt the engine of the Caballero 500”

There was talk of the arrival of new models powered by a medium-displacement two-cylinder engine; can you tell us something?

“It’s a bit early, but I can say that you will surely see something interesting in the coming months …”.

This year Fantic races officially in the enduro world championship with the new XEF 250: what are your goals?

“We want to be competitive at the highest level. The goal is to often reach the podium positions, we defined the bike well, we are very happy with the development. However, in addition to Larrieu (E2 World Champion in 2019) in E1, we will also have Jed Etchells in Junior, a driver we are betting on a lot. In any case, the philosophy of Fantic is to promote this sport by investing in young people, we also have a Youth team that grows very well “.

The pandemic has changed the motorcycle market: how has the e-bike market responded instead?

“The e-bike market is extremely positive and growing, unfortunately at the moment the increase in the cost of raw materials and the difficulty of finding the components is clipping our wings. We have calculated that between now and the end of the year we will not be able to fulfill orders for about 18,000 pieces. In any case, we are also very satisfied with the motorcycle market, which is going just as well ”.

You have become a technological reference in high-end electric mountain bikes, is there a synergy and a transfer of skills with the motorcycle range?

“Absolutely yes, our technicians are collaborating fruitfully in both Fantic“ worlds ”. In e-bikes, everything related to vehicle dynamics, the study of the suspensions, the electronic engine management part have many points in common with motorcycles: all the concepts of traction management, stability, set-up changes that they are found in motorcycles and we also find them in bikes, especially those for specialist enduro bikes ”.

How does the Fantic Issimo fit into the range?

“It is having a good success, both from a commercial and image point of view; Unfortunately, the pandemic is affecting communication a lot because it is a product suitable for the city, very safe and versatile, but we regret not being able to organize test rides at the time to be able to let the public try it and thus demonstrate its validity in urban use “.

Here you can find our test of the Caballero 500 2021 range.



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