Technology fans threaten the creators of the game with death

fans threaten the creators of the game with death


Some particularly unhappy fans of the game The of Us part 2 call Naughty Dogs vice president all the names and go so far as to threaten the dubbing of one of the characters in the game with death. react to this intimidation.

Exclusive title for PlayStation 4, The Last of US part II was released on June 19. In less than 3 weeks, fans had plenty of time to run the game long, wide and cross. If the title of Naughty Dog is unanimous or almost, some players seem to have hated the way the creative team developed the second part. So much so that they go so far threaten the authors of the game with death.

So in the players’ sights, we find Neil Druckmann, the vice president of Naughty Dog. Some fans do not hesitate to pour all their rage on him and do not go with the back of the spoon in their words. Victim ofhomophobic, transphobic and anti-semitic attacks, some will even accuse him of making political propaganda through The Last of Us part II.

Fans want to stab the voice actor of one of the main characters in the game

Laura Bailey, which doubles the character of Abby, is threatened with death by disgruntled players. The actress herself has shared on Twitter some of the messages she has received since the game’s release last June. Some threaten to kill the dubber by stabbing her, while others want to kill her children or hope that her parents die from cancer. The young woman however keeps her head high and thanks those who “send positive messages to balance it all”.

Why so much hatred for the game and its creators? Some players (and they do not seem to be the most numerous) criticize the creators of to have deviated from the narrative line as it was presented in the different trailers of the game. If Naughty Dog acted in this way and hid a lot of elements before the release of the game, it was mainly to prevent them from spoiling and to reserve them a maximum of occasions. But the attacks do not stop there and, without revealing the fabric of the game, some fans criticize the creators of make “political propaganda” and “LGBT”, and distill “extremist feminist” ideas.

Faced with these words and threats, Naughty Dog was quick to react via his official account by condemning “any form of harassment and direct threats to the team or the cast”. Despite this hatred that sweeps the web on the part of some, the game retains a score of 94/100 on Metacritic, a score based on 113 reviews from press and blog sites.


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