Fans File Lawsuit Over Cancelled Restored Content DLC for Kotor 2 on Switch

Fans File Lawsuit Over Cancelled Restored Content DLC for Kotor 2 on Switch

Once announced, then discarded: the restored content DLC for Kotor 2 for the Switch.

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic – The Sith Lords, or Kotor 2 for short, touches the hearts of many Star Wars fans in a complex way. It is loved, often criticized as unfinished and unfortunately now mourned.

Because a celebrated announcement of the version for the Nintendo Switch turned into disappointment: Fans are now going to court to get their rights from their point of view: den Restored Content DLC. Ultimately, the project will probably result in refunds, but let’s explain.

Right to a complete experience, after almost 20 years

Aspyr Media and Saber Interactive once promised to deliver content from the Restored Content Mod as DLC for all buyers of the Switch version of Kotor 2. This was supposed to finally officially complete the classic after all these years, which was incomplete due to the lack of development time at the time. But the developers publicly buried these plans in June 2023, almost a year after the release of the Switch version.

What did the developers offer? All buyers of Kotor 2 for the Switch were allowed to choose a key for another Star Wars game on the Switch. Alternatively, there was the chance to get the Steam version of the game. The mod in question can be downloaded and installed free of charge.

What do the plaintiffs want? From their hearts, most people would probably just like to have the DLC on their Switch. But the lawsuit is primarily about a full refund of the purchase price and a condemnation of Aspyr and Saber for their behavior, which is perceived as false advertising or even fraud.

According to the letter, many would have refrained from purchasing the title for the Switch if the DLC plans hadn’t existed. And according to the letter, quite a few people didn’t even start the title because of this perceived deficiency.

It’s no longer pretty by today’s standards, but its atmosphere, dialogues and story still appeal to a large community today: Kotor 2.

Frist: The first reactions from the court are expected by October 4th. If you are interested in all the details of the lawsuit, can be found here as a PDF.

More than just a DLC

What is the Restored Content Mod? It is much more than just a simple modification. It’s basically the method to experience Kotor 2 as it was once designed on the drawing board by Obsidian. Aside from tons of content, such as quests, locations and dialogues including a better ending, the project also fixes various errors and improves numerous aspects of the now outdated title.

If you want to find out more, it’s best to take a look here on the official site, or read our older summary of the project. Since then, however, a lot has happened and updates have appeared that have further enhanced the mod.


10:38 10 minutes of Star Wars Outlaws in one go: First gameplay makes Star Wars fantasies come true

Not Kotor 2 and not for the Switch either, but maybe Star Wars Outlaws from Ubisoft will be an experience for all fans in 2024. We’ll probably have to wait a long time, if not forever, for the Kotor remake. It’s on hold, or will be released in 2025 at best.

Are you still mourning the DLC for the Switch version? Or was this version never interesting to you anyway, since the content is available for free on the PC and now even simply via a workshop on Steam? Do you think the fans achieve something for themselves or even beyond that? Feel free to write us your opinion and thoughts in the comments!

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