Fan screams loudly 7HD Live Happy Children’s Day 2021 Giveaways a very special gift.

Even during the intense surveillance situation for COVID-19 that the National Children’s Day event was suspended. But can not make the happiness of the children disappear, because Channel 7HD is full of special happiness Leading the hottest superstars Aum Phatcharapa Veer Sukonwat, along with Thisa Waritthisa, Boomkit Kong, Hana Livis, Euroyosawat, Bleworapol Come join the surprise and give over 5,000 gifts and 1 thousand more 2021 calendars to be special for children. And jointly pass the happiness to the youth in different areas. It has been thoroughly satisfied in 7HD Live. Happy Children’s Day 2021: This year, stay home, not lonely … because we are friends. With laughter, adding smiles and sending happiness And give gifts on Children’s Day to children and their parents are happy to serve them to homes all over the country Via Facebook fan page: Ch7HD

The hustle and bustle began when two young news announcers Anutat-Pum Pram Suda unveiled the theme of Zoo Canival, a bright fancy dress with New Mustache and Nong Gem Jirayu, a young MC at the Disney Club. Let’s start giving special gifts to children before anyone else, then to the queue of the entertainment host, New Nuad invites Mew Sirilphat to invite actors including Thisawaritthisa, Boom Kit Kong, Hana Leewi. S, Euro Yosawat, Beworapol Tayoi join the fun, talk, sing, give gifts and draw lots and give sports equipment. School supplies To organizations that have lucky winners to deliver happiness, a total of 10 agencies, together with 35 agencies that have submitted a request for support

And that was a huge surprise when 2 superstars Come join the fun with the children, join the draw, give a special gift Ready to give to the children on the occasion of the National Children’s Day 2021 by Aum Patcharapa, the hottest young heroine Participate in drawing lots to give gifts to Ban Su-ngai Kolok School, Narathiwat Province, the young hero Weir Sukonwat, who forwarded happiness and satisfaction to double today to Luang Ta Noi Foundation, Nakhon Pathom Province

Aum Patcharapa gave to my children saying, “P’Aum wishes all of you to be good children and intend to study. And wish to be a good boy for your parents as well “

As for Weir Sukonwat reiterated “Children’s Day this year, I wish you all to study hard, so that you will be as good as Weir.”

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