Fan of Putin Chicherina called on the head of the aggressor country to seize Europe (video)

The Russian singer called the Russian Federation a “powerful machine”.

Russian singer Yulia Chicherina, who is fighting on the side of the unrecognized republic of the “DPR”, said that the Russian Federation is a “powerful machine” that can capture the whole of Europe. This became known from her video message published on social networks.

In the video, a woman asked Chicherina: “Where do you think the Russian military should stop?” Putin’s fan replied that with the conquest they should go to the Atlantic coast.

“Stop with the conquest? Well … Now the situation is such that both Finland and Sweden want to join NATO. I think that we will stop on some coast. Preferably on the Atlantic. The machine is powerful. It is difficult to stop it. It has already been launched We are ready to go to the end! “- Said the singer.

We will remind, earlier Yulia Chicherina announced suspicion for desecration of the Ukrainian flag.

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