Famous youtuber Corey La Barrie dies in car accident

  • Famous youtuber dies in a car accident
  • Corey La Barrie was a co-pilot, celebrating his 25th birthday
  • The driver was Daniel Silva, from the Ink Master tattoo program

Celebrating your 25th birthday, youTuber Corey La Barrie suddenly dies in a accident of traffic, derived from this precaution Daniel Silva, protagonist of the tattoo program Ink Master, who is accused of murder, has been arrested, revealed the portal of Page Six.

The website refers to the TMZ media, indicating that Silva appears as alleged responsible of his death, since he was driving the vehicle in which the YouTube star was riding.

The sources indicated to the media that Daniel Silva crashed his luxury car against a tree and an advertisement, the fort impact caused the death of Corey La Barrie, who was as a co-pilot.

In the publication it is reported that on social networks it was leaked that a day earlier, on Sunday, the famous youtuber and today accused of murder, were at a party that night, both were seen while drinking.

It was the mother of youtuber Lisa Harrison who announced the unfortunate news through her Instagram account.

According to the Page Six portal, the mother wrote a text to publicize her feelings during these difficult times for her.

“My heart breaks right now, on my son’s 25th birthday … He was very drunk and got into a car with a drunk driver.”

And he added: “No word can describe the sadness I feel when (losing) a child. It feels so unreal and I am overwhelmed with pain. I love you so much Corey and I will miss you very much. It’s so unfair”.

The famous youtuber was well loved and recognized by his followers, he managed to have hundreds of thousands of fans for his comic videos that he posted on the networks.

Corey La Barrie was originally from Australia and came very young to the city of Los Angeles where he managed to obtain his best numbers of followers.

The news that the famous youtuber dies permeated deep in the middle of the show and especially on social networks.

Many young people began to upload various messages about the sadness they felt when they felt the death of the young Australian.

A woman wrote on Twitter: “I can’t believe Corey is gone. I wish this was a dream. Corey was amazing and always made me laugh. Another beautiful soul taken too soon. Praying for all his family and friends. I love you R.I.P. ”

Someone else commented, “I know I didn’t see much of Corey, but the videos I saw of him were my KnJs favorites. His smile always made me happy and his laugh was very contagious. Rest, Corey, and I know you really are loved! ”

A woman posted a video of him on Tik tok and said: “One of my favorite creators super genuine, fun and real He left soon! It’s calm”.

In addition, the news of the arrest of Daniel Silva of Ink Master, also produced great surprise in his followers.

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