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Kazem sang for more than two hours, amid intense interaction from those attending the concert (Facebook)

The Iraqi singer revived Kazem Al-saher A concert, Tuesday evening, at the Nafoura Theater in Opera House Egypt, after many years of absence. The ceremony, which was an hour late for its launch, was attended by fans from the Arab communities, next to the Egyptian audience, and Kazem sang for more than two hours, amid intense interaction from the attendance of the ceremony, which raised the slogan “full number”.

Kazem expressed his happiness at being in the Egyptian Opera House after an absence, then sang a large number of songs, such as the land of her cheeks, your hand, and do not be upset, and being a dangerous woman, and impossible love, and barefoot, and I doubt you for Min, which Kazem joked to the women present, saying: “How do you see the men know how to spoil?” He added that the song was written and composed by Abdel Wahab Mohamed, and recorded live in the studio, saying that he loves it very much.

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During Kazem’s presentation of one of his songs, a girl stormed the stage to film with him, and the security in the opera house tried to intervene, but Kazem refused their intervention, and filmed with her, then delivered her until she left the stage, a situation that received a wave of applause.

Some of the attendees asked Al-Saher to sing “Ana and Laila,” but he did not sing it, and joked: “Tonight it is hot and Laila fell asleep,” then said: “Relax, but in songs we can’t sing today … I miss you very much.”

The ceremony was attended by the Egyptian Minister of Culture Enas Abdel DayemAnd the artist Samira Abdel Aziz, and the singer Ghada Ragab.

Kazem is living these days in a state of artistic activity in Egypt, where he performed a concert on the northern coast several days ago, after a 13-year absence from singing in Egypt, and he also finished recording a television episode with the media, Mona El-Shazly, which is scheduled to be shown on the “CBC” satellite channel. Thursday evening.

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