Famous Egyptian artist reveals how Naglaa Fathi tried to persuade her to film a daring scene while fasting • Newspaper Al Marsad

Al-Marsad Newspaper: Egyptian actress Mayar Al-Beblawy revealed to her the advice of the artist, Naglaa Fathi, after she refused to present one of the daring scenes during the day of Ramadan, during the filming of the film Disco Disco.

Mayar Al-Beblawi said during his meeting with the “Qadah Setat” program: When I refused to film my daring scenes with Amr Abdel Jalil, during Ramadan, I cried and I was about 17 years old.

And he continued, Naglaa Fathi told me: “Oh, my love, Ramadan, this is done because the poor and the rich make money because they are in front of the poor.”

He added: I mean, on the other hand, Ramadan is for the poor, but not for ordinary people. We have food, why do we fast?

And he finished his speech, Najla said these words to me because she wanted me to film the scene, and she told me that the topic does not need you to interrupt us, and there is no Ramadan.

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