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[The Epoch Times, 7 gennaio 2023](Reported by Epoch Times reporter Tong Yijia) The younger brother of Hong Kong artist Lu HaipengLu HaichaoHe died suddenly in Guangzhou on the 6th at the age of 77. co-star in “foreign daughter in law local man“Mainland actress Hu Yanfen confirmed her death that night on Weibo. Although the cause of death was not disclosed, Netease’s official account stated in the report that he was “suspected to have been infected with the new crown.”

to exist”foreign daughter in law local man“Hu Yanfen, who played the role of ‘Second sister-in-law’,” she wrote on Weibo on the evening of the 6th: “It is with great sadness that I tell everyone that my Huada——Lu HaichaoThe gentleman left us this morning at 9:25. When she posted a photo with Lu Haichao, she revealed that it took a long time to find two photos and said, “I thought it was still too late. There was plenty of time and I trained my family members. Huada , Momda , blah blah… Now there are only female relatives, only pain.”

Lu Haichao, born in Guangzhou in 1946, once played the role of Suber in “Foreign Daughter-in-law and Local Language”.

During his lifetime, Lu Haichao, Huang Junying, Yang Da and other famous comedians were called “Yangcheng comedians”. His son Lu Junyu (formerly known as Lu Ting) also developed in the entertainment industry. His wife Chen Xiaosha was a famous Cantonese Opera director. She died of a brain hemorrhage in 2009. Now that Lu Haichao has passed away, Hu Yanfen cried, “Go meet Sister Sha.”

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While Hu Yanfen dismissed Yang Da and director Lu Xiaoguang from the crew of “Foreign Daughter-in-Law and Local Lang” some time ago, actor Gong Jintang who played “Kang Bo” in the comedy also passed away on January 1 of this The sudden death of the tide made her sigh: “The drama ‘Out’ is too difficult, and I can’t stand it anymore!”

It is worth noting that Yang Da, a first-class Chinese national actor, and Lu Xiaoguang, the first-generation director of “Foreign Wife and Local Lang”, are all members of the Communist Party of China. The film crew led by Lu Xiaoguang has repeatedly staged plots that slander the Falun Gong group that practices Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.

Since December 2022, the CCP virus (Wuhan pneumonia) has ravaged the country at an unexpected speed, and a large number of patients with “white lung” and other serious diseases have appeared in many places. The industry is overwhelmed, and on the verge of paralysis.

In this wave of epidemic tsunami, there is an obvious feature that the CCP virus is highly directional, as if it has eyes, and goes straight to the CCP members and system celebrities Celebrities and “artists”, CCP experts in the academia, and “excellent party members” of the CCP from all walks of life, etc.

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