Famke Louise filleted in The Roast: these are the hardest jokes

Dolf Jansen has the honor of talking to each other for the evening and Sylvia Geersen, Peter Pannekoek, Joke Bruijs and Maik de Boer, among others, climb the stage to take Famke (and each other) under the proverbial hands. It is up to Nesim el Ahmadi to kick off the evening. He immediately makes a harsh joke about Famke’s deceased father, about which she has previously indicated that she thought that was going too far. “Famke wants to be black so much that she is happy that her father is no longer in her life,” he says. The viewers at home are divided about what Nesim says.

Lisa Loeb tackles Famke on her intelligence. “You walked along in a hospital because you wanted to meet people who were also brain dead.” But she praises her for the guts she has. “I think that deserves a standing ovation”, to which the whole room stands. Bizzey, who has worked with Famke. “You’re so stupid, you didn’t want to use autotune because you thought it would only be worn in cars.”

Maik takes the trouble to roast everyone using photos and fashion and a fashion faux pas. Rayen Panday wonders why Famke has one million followers. “And then there are people who want more attention for people with intellectual disabilities.” Sylvia tackles Famke over something they shared; their modeling career. “We both had a thing about 34. Me my waist, you your IQ. You needed your navigation at the end of the catwalk because you got lost.”

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After Sylvia comes Peter, which a large part of the viewers have been waiting for at home. And he does not disappoint. He makes the other roasters a figurative head smaller. He quickly calls Bizzey someone who ‘resembles an abortion by Ronnie Flex and Famke Louise’. And then he arrives at Famke. “The woman who gives you a burka”, he begins towards her. “Is she responsible? It’s like explaining to a goat that Pythagoras theorem. You are the female rapper Sjors. You are still a child and you already have a child. I don’t think youth protection even knows who of the two to take them away.” Still, he closes his roast nicely. “After all this hate, nothing can touch you.”

Joke Bruijs is the last of the eight roasters to turn and the whole evening has been joking about her age. The viewers find her surprisingly funny, partly due to a joke towards Nesim, who she knows once filmed someone jerking off a dolphin. “Did you also impregnate your wife with that sperm? I already see the birth announcement, from Flipper el Ahmadi.” Then she turns to the singer. “Famke, you switched from Bizzey to Ali B. Who is your next manager, Jeroen Rietbergen? In my time it was also important what you sang. If you had sung Vroom Vroom, you were put in a straitjacket.”

Finally, Famke gets the chance to get back at everyone. First she tackles Bizzey, whom she calls an ‘old pimp’. “This is the last time you pick monnie on me. I know loverboys who divide the spoils more fairly. But I did get 100 percent of all hate comments.” Over to Peter. “I have a lot of respect for pancakes,” says Famke. Maik praises them for his condom line. “If you want people to be afraid of AIDS, put Dolf’s head on it.” Bizzey turns out to be the hare, because Famke will come back to him. “Your wifey got your name tattooed on her back, because otherwise you can’t get it up.” The singer ends with a sweet gesture to Denzel. “See the people who give you love. For me that was Denzel. He stood next to me, so when everything around you is dark, don’t give up, but go dance in the dark.”

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