Family in Florida sells toxic bleach as a corona medicine


DThe American judiciary has initiated criminal proceedings against four men who use a toxic bleach as a miracle cure for the Coronavirus touted and sold. The father and his three sons are charged with fraud and violations of food and drug law, among other things, according to the state attorney in the state of Florida. According to reports, people died after drinking the drug.

Mark Grenon and his sons have been selling a remedy called miracle mineral solution (abbreviated as MMS) for a long time and have been promoting it as a cure for a number of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and cancer. When President Donald Trump said in April to general amazement that “injections” of disinfectants could possibly cure coronavirus patients, they jumped on the bandwagon: “Trump has MMS and all information !!! Things are happening, people! ”Grenon wrote on Facebook. “May God help others to see the truth.”

Grenon even founded one churchwho have favourited Genesis II Church of Health and Healing. According to the prosecutor, this is only a cover for his business. Grenon himself has repeatedly admitted that the church “has nothing to do with religion”, only serves to “legalize the use of MMS” and should prevent him from going to prison.

Possibly fatalities among customers

The Grenons are said to have sold tens of thousands of bottles of the drug, earning $ 500,000 last year alone. According to the prosecutor, the FDA reports that customers were hospitalized after taking the drug, developed serious symptoms of the disease, and even died. The judiciary did not provide any further information.

A court had previously banned the Grenons from selling bleach. The prosecutor now accuses the family of ignoring it.

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