Family Clarifies the Issue of Nissa Sabyan Marriage & Pregnancy


Officially divorced from Ririe Fairus, Ayus and relationship Nissa Sabyan still leaves a sense of curiosity. In fact, both of them are widely rumored to be getting married soon, Mother.

The relationship between Ayus and his family also improved after the divorce Ririe Fairus. Previously, it was rumored that Ayus’ parents fell ill in the middle of his divorce from Ririe Fairus. However, Eki, Sabyan’s former manager and Ayus’ uncle, rejected the news.

It’s not just the news of marriage that makes a scene. Recently a video circulated showing Nissa stroking her stomach. The 21-year-old Dara was rumored to be pregnant. But again the news is just a rumor.

Various wild issues circulating quickly make a family Ayus and Nissa overwhelmed. They were confused by the oblique news that kept appearing from time to time.

So, how do managers and their families clarify? CONTINUE READING CLICK HERE.

Moms, also watch the video of the story of Sacha Stevenson’s clash of cultures:

[Gambas:Video Haibunda]

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