Family bonus: 300 euros for each child – when and how is the money now paid out?

Millions of families in Germany can be happy: Because of the Corona crisis, families with children should receive financial support. When and how does the children’s bonus come?

  • Because of the Corona crisis, families with children should receive financial support.
  • The coalition leaders have agreed on this – the measure is part of an economic program worth billions.
  • A so-called is planned Child bonus, at which a one-off payment of 300 euros per child should be made.

Update from June 9th, 2020: 300 euros extra per child – who benefits above all from it

According to the plans of the federal government, families with children should use the so-called Child bonus be financially supported. “300 euros per child are expected to be paid in three installments. The performance should be coupled to the Child benefit, which then increases three times by 100 euros per month, “writes The extra 300 euros per child will be spent at Income tax with the Child allowances offset. That means: Not all parents benefit equally from the additional benefit, as Uwe Rauhöft from the Bundesverband Lohnsteuerhilfevereine (BVL) explains according to the portal.

Parents with lower grades can look forward to income: “Unmarried parents benefit in full from the children’s bonus up to an income of around EUR 33,900”, Rauhöft calculated. “Married parents benefit up to an income limit of EUR 67,800.”

If parents earned more, reports, they would bring Child allowances about the Income tax assessment usually more relief than child benefit paid during the year. For 2020, however, these parents will mostly continue to receive child benefits including child bonuses.

“Only from an income of more than 85,900 euros, the allowances for 2020 will have tax relief beyond child benefit,” said Rauhöft, according to the portal. For unmarried parents, this limit is 42,950 euros, the portal writes.

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“From this income, the first one paid Child bonus in the Income tax return* 2020 “The expert is quoted there again.” As a result, the intended bonus only benefits parents with low and middle income. “

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Update from 5.6.2020: How the children’s bonus is paid to families

In the Corona crisis, families with children should receive the so-called child bonus. How is it paid out and who can expect what? Familys get the planned Child bonus from 300 euros per child will be transferred to the account in three installments in the next few months, as reported by the German Press Agency (dpa) on Thursday. I got the first details Minister of Family Franziska Giffey announced.

The money therefore comes together with the monthly Child benefit payment, As dpa reported on Thursday. “Then the bank statement for the child benefit payment would not be the 204 euros, but 304 euros over three months,” said the SPD politician. It was open to that report according to whether the first money will be transferred in July or later. One thing is certain: families with high incomes do not benefit. For a couple with one child, she believes that up to a taxable income of $ 90,000, these families still benefit from the child bonus, Giffey said, according to the report.

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Children’s bonus: families should know that

“The Child bonus is socially equitable, “said Giffey, according to the report. High earners would not be disadvantaged. Families with small and medium incomes would be strengthened. The extra 300 euros per child should therefore be not counted towards Hartz IV benefits will. In the tax they will, however, with the Child allowances offset. For high incomes, this means that in the end they have nothing of the special payment, reports dpa.

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This is the background: the state pays child benefit on application until the children are 18 or until they have finished their education. At the same time, there are so-called child tax allowances for parents (2019: EUR 7,620 per child). These are deducted from taxable income, which reduces the tax payable. The tax office then automatically checks the tax return to determine whether the parents have more of the child benefit or more of the allowance. The exemption is more worthwhile for high earners. If nevertheless Child benefit has been paid out, it will be collected again via the tax. It should be something similar with that Child bonus be made, as dpa reported on Thursday.

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Update from 4.6.2020: Children’s bonus for families planned

The coalition leaders have struggled to fight the consequences of the corona crisis on a billion dollar basis Stimulus package agreed. Among other things, a is planned Child bonus, which provides that families get money from the state because of the Corona crisis – are concrete unique 300 euros per child planned how Mirror online reported. The bonus should with that Child benefit be paid out there, it says.

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Update from 3.6.2020: coalition continues to advise on economic stimulus package

The coalition negotiations on that billion dollar stimulus package go on Wednesday. A possible one had also been discussed in advance Family bonus – However, nothing was decided on June 2. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the top representatives of the SPD, CDU and CSU wanted to continue their meeting this Wednesday.

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Article from 2.6.2020: Family bonus in discussion – 300 euros per child?

The coalition advises on one Billion dollar injection for the economy. For example, the leaders of the black-red coalition on June 2 want a package worth billions to stimulate the economy in the Corona crisis* decide on.

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In conversation: a so-called Family bonus. For example, this could be a one-time payment of 300 euros per child mean to support families in crisis and to boost consumption. The SPD is particularly committed to such a bonus. But some Union politicians have shown sympathy for this.

It could be discussed whether such bonus really everyone Familys to be distributed or only to needy families.

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Is the family bonus coming in 2020? What critics say

While many in the Union have great stomach aches with the performance, the SPD wants to pay the money to all families, reported BR Online moreover. According to this, some experts also consider the family bonus to be wrong, and some are calling for an end to homeschooling instead. Background: One reason for the discussed family bonus was, as BR Online also reports, that parents could use the money to buy tablets or other devices for home-cooling of their children.

Working parents have it in the Corona crisis* especially hard. That is why they should also, for example Wage replacement payments* be relieved.

Sources: BR Online, dpa

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