Family appeals for witnesses after their puppy is shot and killed in Gironde village

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The puppy was killed by a rifle shot in Ruch (Gironde). The family is appealing for witnesses to find the culprit. ©The South Gironde Republican

On Friday May 13 around 11 p.m., in Ruch – a village of just over 600 inhabitants near Sauveterre-de-Guyenne (Gironde) – in a residence of barely ten houses, a family found their puppy 4 and a half months lying on the ground, dying on the ground of their garden.

At first glance, nothing significant. The German shepherd is in all his states, and the family decides to watch over him until the next morning to bring him to a nearby veterinarian. “We spent the evening at the lottery and when we came back, as a family, we found the dog in this state, testifies Laetitia C., owner of the dog. We don’t know what happened. »

A small hole in the armpits

The veterinarian examines the little dog. He spots a small hole in the armpits. “The veterinarian tells us that he needs to be operated on and that he has a good chance of getting out of it. He thought he had pushed something into his skin. Except that, at the end of the operation, we learn that the puppy received a lead shot at close range. »

A pellet in the right flank

Indeed, the certificate of the veterinarian reveals the presence of an air rifle pellet on the right side of the animal, just before the fold of wool. The bullet punctured all of the little dog’s organs, leaving him no chance of surviving. “We were always with him, he had lessons at the canine school every Saturday in Langon… He was my two children’s dog. It’s very hard. We can’t get over it, ”says the mother with difficulty. On Saturday May 14, her husband decided to lodge a complaint with Monségur. A neighborhood survey was carried out that same day by the gendarmes. The town’s cameras were also examined. But nothing visible.

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A call for witnesses

“The neighbors saw nothing, heard nothing. If someone has seen something, it can help us, ”adds the family of the puppy.

In the end, the operation at the veterinarian cost 1,000 euros to the couple who, thanks to the solidarity of their veterinarian and that of their relatives, were able to pay these costs. “We really thought our dog was going to be fine,” concludes Laetitia. Today she launches a call for witnesses to, perhaps, advance the investigation.

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