Families rebel against the closure of units in the Reggio

The first public protest of the AMPA ‘Interviews’ was held early this morning at one of the gates of the CEIP Reggio. Once the students entered class at 09:00, the parents They unfolded banners and took out posters against the closure of units in Infant and Primary, and in defense of the public school. They have counted on him FLAMPA support (Local Federation of Associations of Mothers and Fathers), of Green Tide Puerto Real, and of the Board of Teaching Staff.

For several weeks now, the association has been denouncing that for the next school year (2021/2022) the territorial delegation of Education in Cádiz is going to suppress two units of the center: one of three-year Early Childhood Education and another of First Primary.

“We are against their being eliminated initially. Our center is of two lines and we understand that they must be maintained. Another thing would be that, a posteriori, if there is no demand, it ends up being suppressed, but parents must freely decide in which centers they want to enroll their children. ”, Stated in the concentration the president of the AMPA, Ana garcia.

This year, The center cannot offer any place in the first year of Primary, since these will be occupied in their entirety by the schoolchildren who are now in Infant of five years. The president of the AMPA adds that “in the event that students repeat, an excess ratio will accumulate.”

They also think about the next academic year (2022/2023). At that time, the students who are now in Infant four years old and who are around 40 would enter the first year of Primary. They wonder if those “leftovers” after exceeding the ratio of 25 students they must go to another school because “once a line is lost it is very difficult to recover it”.

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In this Wednesday’s protest, the president of FLAMPA, Aurora Salvador, lamented the cut in a “reference” center for the municipality, which has a “more than proven educational quality, being the only multilingual center”. He also recalled the investment that the Junta de Andalucía recently made in the school to remove asbestos and other improvements.

“When there were no public schools, it is true that private schools were needed, that is why they were arranged. But now it is not understood with the public network that exists. It is time to defend public schools and if the birth rate has dropped the ratios must also be lowered how education professionals have been defending, ”said Salvador. He recalled, on the other hand, the right of parents to free choice of centers. “If they close the doors of the only public school in the downtown area, they are not giving me that freedom of choice,” he added.

Of “discriminatory treatment of public schools in favor of the concerted”Spoke in concentration Ignacio Casado, representative of Green Tide Puerto Real and union delegate of CGT. “It is not acceptable that the only public school in the center of Puerto Real is the one that suffers the cuts when it is surrounded by three concerted centers that are not stopped, some of them with less demand than this,” says Casado.

In that same influence Juan Jose Ruiz, delegate of the Board of Teaching Staff and a delegate from the USTEA union, who recalled that in recent years we have seen the dismantling of centers that had three lines, which were left in two, then one and have even disappeared, while concerts with private / concerted education remain shieldeds”.

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This Wednesday, the parents held a meeting with the entities that are supporting them to plan new actions. For the moment, they regret that neither Education Planning nor the territorial delegation has responded to the writings they have sent.

Education: “When the schooling process is finished, the necessary units will be added”

The Territorial Education delegation in Cádiz, in response to the protests of parents, recalled that the schooling process has just begun. According to sources from the delegation, the planning of the offer of places for the course 21-22 is in “an initial phase”, with a forecast that starts from the data of the census of students who are incorporated for the first time to the system, with a decrease of more than 3,600 three-year-old boys and girls, and a total in the entire system of more than 23,000. They insist to mothers and fathers that, once the schooling process is over, on March 31, “the necessary units will be added, as is the case in each school year.”

On the other hand, they recall that “the reinforcement of 7,000 teachers in the public network has facilitated an increase equivalent to more than 4,000 operating units, between Primary and Secondary, in this academic year 20-21, which the centers are managing according to their needs”.


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