Fame: Rebel: the time Anahí prevented Zoraida Gómez from being fired from tel

14 years have passed since the end of “Rebelde”, the Mexican adaptation of the Argentine telenovela “Rebelde Way”, and despite the time, the public is very aware of its protagonists -Anahí, Dulce María, Maite Perroni, Alfonso Herrera, Christopher Uckermann and Christian Chávez-, ignoring any rumors of rivalry or distancing between them. In fact, the relationship between the actors seems stronger than ever.

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The rest of the cast also keep in touch, evoking the good times they experienced on the set of the soap opera, released in October 2004. For example, Zoraida Gomez, who played José Luján, highlighted in June, when he was making a live broadcast, the union that prevailed among all the cast members, despite their different personalities.

Zoraida Gómez is best known for playing the character of Jose Luján Landeros in the soap opera “Rebelde” (Photo: Instagram)

The 35-year-old Mexican also recalled the time Anahí avoided being fired from a soap opera in which they both work when she was just 9 years old. Gomez said that the exRBD came to her defense when the show’s producer was about to kick her out for being late.

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“I will never forget that Anahí literally told him ‘if Zoraida leaves the program I will leave.’ There I want Anahí to know that she was 9 years old so that they understand her character because many people judged her and criticized her for ‘it is unbearable, it is only she is tolerated and such’. No. She is simply a woman who knows what she wants, who defends her rights since she was little, so she saw an injustice and jumped, “shared the Mexican interpreter.

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“He did not have to do it with me, we were simply friends and in the end he cared more about friendship and cared more about justice than what could happen later,” added the actress who played José Luján in “Rebel”.

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In the soap opera “Rebelde”, the character of Zoraida was a friend of Roberta and Lupita (Photo: Televisa)


In the same transmission Zoraida Gomez revealed some secrets of the hit youth soap opera. Among them the hard and exhausting days of work that they got to have.

“Due to the success, the novel did not last an hour, the novel lasted an hour and a half, and there for us to see we did not sleep, that is, the calls were deadly, personal life of course there was not,” shared the actress.

“Thank God we always have a lot of respect and a lot of companionship and that’s why everything went well but it was already exhausting, especially also for the guys in the group who are already very evident. Yes, thank God it went well for all of us, but we did suffer it, ”said Gómez, who is currently expecting a child.

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About Angelique Boyer, Zoraida said: “Angelique was like one of the smallest in the novel, so she was literally a very small girl but with the mentality of a 30 ″ girl.

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“I remember that when they invited us to a party or a meeting or we wanted to have fun, Angelique could not go because her mother did not let her do many things and we did not understand why, so she was very careful, her behavior was a behavior like of a very mature woman ”Gomez noted.

“She is not a woman who tells you something to look good on you. Not at all. Unlike. It is as if almost, almost if you dislike me I tell you and I do not have to be false with you. She is a super transparent woman, that is, an absolutely mature woman ”he stressed. “It did not lend itself so much to the playfulness, to the madness, it was like more settled, more serious so to speak”.


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